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Cherne Pipe Plug & Testing

From Humble Beginnings to an Industry Standard

In 1953, Cherne® Industries created an innovative inflatable device for stack testing. Cherne’s pneumatic product offering expanded to include testing, maintenance and repair equipment for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal systems.

Acquired by Oatey® Company in 1990, Cherne Industries maintained its focus on system testing, maintenance and repair. As a part of the Oatey Family of Brands, Cherne Industries earned ISO certification in 1998, confirming both Oatey’s and Cherne’s commitment to consistency and quality.

Available in Oatey Company distribution centers throughout North America and through partner distribution on every continent, Cherne products are relied on by residential and commercial contractors and industrial and municipal engineers worldwide. Product lines are available in both domestic and international specifications.

While Cherne Industries has grown, its focus remains constant – providing customers the most reliable and innovative testing, maintenance and repair equipment in the plumbing, waterworks and underground industries – good enough to bear the Cherne name.

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