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Picote Brush Coating™


Picote Brush Coating™ gives you options when rehabilitating pipes from 1 1/4” – 12”. Prolong the lifespan of an existing pipe. Clean the pipe well and apply single or dual coats of Picote epoxy resin. The new slick inner surface increases flow inside the pipe, minimising the risk of blockages. Alternatively, apply several coats of the resin forming a seamless new semi-structural pipe, providing a solution that should last 30-50 years.

Benefits: Extend the service life of a pipe, stop corrosion, create a new pipe, ”patch” on top of a compatible CIPP lining and fortify connections. Improve quality control with the dual color cartidge system. Apply with the Smart Mixer 2.0 for a simple and mess-free solution.


Apartments & High-Rises Nuclear & Industrial Hydro-Electric Residential & Municipal Pools, Fountains & Tanks

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