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Special Cleaning Tools

Mini Smart Sweeper

Compact, flexible and self-adjusting for tackling hard scale even through 2” p-traps. Versatile tool for tough cleaning scenarios including tuberculation, roots, calcite, & mineral/uranic scale in cast iron, concrete, clay & PVC pipes. There are 2” & 3” models for the Mini Cleaner & Mini Miller and a 4” version for the Super Midi & Maxi Millers.



Smart Spider

Efficient tool for removing fats, oil & grease. Also the best option for damaged or fragile pipes where there are holes or the pipe has rotted away at the base, allowing you to pass through to descale and prep for lining.

Designed for 4” and 6” pipes for the Super Midi Miller and Maxi Miller and 6”, 8” & 9” pipes for the Maxi Power+.

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